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Of course a well done audio visual installation should look great & sound great, but it’s what you don’t see or hear that really counts and what will ultimately define the life cycle of your new system.  By combining the right components by the best manufacturers with cabling and infrastructure that doesn’t compromise quality for cost, your new system will be reliable, long lasting and completely bug free…


Services We Specialize In

audio visual

We carefully calculate the size of the screen, brightness, resolution and viewing distances  to select the right product for your application.  

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We can route lossless audio and video signals to anywhere and setup a control system that is customized for the look you want and the exact features you need.

audio video installations near me

We specialize in designing sound systems and utilize advanced tools to calculate the frequency and volume performance of our design in your room, prior to finalizing our design.  After the install we use real time analyzers to tune the room to perfection.

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The integrity and bandwidth of a data cable system is highly dependent on the quality and gauge of the wire used.  After wiring is installed into walls and crawl spaces it is very costly to upgrade later.  For this reason we always use the highest quality cabling.

music systems

Rooted in 25 years in the concert production industry,  North State AV is uniquely qualified to design and install concert & performance sound and lighting.  We know what will be needed for your types of shows and what is acceptable to touring international acts.

audiovisual systems

We load your racks in a logical manner that reflects signal flow and a convenient user interface.  We wire your racks cleaner and more skillful than anyone else we know of.  We shoot for a finished product that few could outclass.

office systems

It is not uncommon for a client to come to us, having just finished a construction or remodel, only to find the acoustics are horrible.  Yelling on the phone or having trouble understanding a conversation? We can fix that and there are many design options that will work with your decor.  We are a value leader in pricing for acoustic treatment products.

individual systems

So many times when we get to a  facility to discuss an upgrade, we find unacceptable installations were performed by the customer’s previous vendors on a level of “Your lucky it didn’t fall and kill someone”.  This is why we take our craft very seriously and are trained, licensed and certified to do everything right, every time.

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